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moon phases


October 17, 2000

The decorations are going up up UP! (And so is this page, finally...) The color theme for my lights this year is RED - the green, blue and blacklight all get washed out by the Really Obnoxious Streetlight on the corner. And I just refuse to buy orange lights on principle...*anyone* can buy orange lights. Too many people do already. Ick.

The banners are up. Some of the lights are up (still working on those.) I have lights for the bushes (they're just not up yet) and fresh cobwebs, since I think I used the last of the old ones last year. Pictures will be up soon, I promise! :) Tombstones and skull pile will be going up on Halloween day. I put a lot of work into them, picking out the styrofoam bits piece by piece, I don't want them walking away if I can avoid it. They've lasted 4 years now, I'm actually quite amazed they're still holding up. Still haven't figured out what I want to do with the BIG tombstone yet, I'm sure I'll come up with something.

October 30, 2000

I finally got all my lights up! Yay! There's also cobwebs on the bushes, they're just not as encased in cobwebs this year as they otherwise would be. (Note to self: Cobwebs can be too cheap...)

I've got the lace curtains up in the foyer with the lighted skull and screaming doormat ready to go, just need to move it into place tomorrow. Tombstones and skull piles still to go up tomorrow. I may do more than one skull pile this year, it depends on how ambitious I get. I looked at the tree in the front yard, and realized I can't hang anything from it, the tree's not strong enough yet.

Halloween Night, 2000

Ok, I got pictures! Sorry, they're night-shots with the vidcam, but this is what you get for wanting instant pictures. :) I haven't even gotten the color film pictures developed, much less scanned. Sorry, they're a bit huge, I'm too toasted (I'm writing this Halloween night while watching VH-1's special on Rocky Horror Picture Show) to try to play with the size and dimensions. I will fix this soon. Just after I....Zzzzzzzz *snork* *blink* get some sleep. In the meantime, enjoy...

21 November, 2000

Yay, finally got the pictures a bit more optomized. They're less huge now, and more along the lines of "just plain big" - I'd like to shrink them to 1/2 the size, but I want people to be able to SEE the dern things. I also put captions on the 3rd picture so that you'd know what was actually written on the tombstones. I noticed that shot was a little too dark to read them. :)

tombstones on left side of lawn - 69k jpg. skull pile and tree on left side of lawn - 69k jpg. tombstones on right of lawn - 82k jpg.


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