No, this is not just "a phase" I'm going through...
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moon phases


Warning: Some of these linked pictures may be large - I've reduced them as much as I feel I can without losing too much detail, but depending on your screen size, you may need to scroll sideways to see the whole thing.

No, I don't have real descriptions up yet for the pictures. Just let the mouse pointer sit over the image and the "alt text" will pop up. I'll eventually get around to rearranging the pictures. :) For the night shots, at the moment, just pretend everything's in shades of red - I haven't figured out yet how to turn the lighted stuff red without making everything else an equally intense shade of red.

Some of the pictures might be large, I've reduced them as much as I can, but you'll probably still need to scroll sideways.


Day: closeup of doom torch look-alike.
Twilight: Left side of lawn decor, view from facing the house.
13 heads in a dufflebag :)
Plastic skeleton with label saying Ossama's Bones. Closeup of skull tower, with light turned on.
Twilight: 4 tombstones on the right, in front of lighted bushes and behind the blinking 2-D skulls.
Closeup of doom torch, night shot
Left side of hoiuse decorations.
Twilight: Front door closeup.
Closeup of 'first step is a killer' tombstone and glowing skull.
Flaming pot and blinking bat in side window. This one has upper wingset lighted. Flaming pot and blinking bat in side window. This one has lower winget lighted.
Front view of house with everything lit.
A visual pun - 13 heads (skulls in this case) in a dufflebag. Joke makes sense if you've heard of the movie.
Front view of house with a brief blast from the fog machine.
Closeup on the decorations around the front door.
My nod to today's political environment: the sign says Ossama's Bones.
Whole front of house with just the lights up.
right side cluster of 4 tombstones
Side view of front, viewpoint from over by the evil streetlight.
side window with flaming pot and lighted pseudo-flapping bat.




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