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moon phases


September 2004

Won't have as much spare cash to go shopping this year, so I won't have many new things to update my "Gallery" pages as much. However, I'm planning on doing a little interior redecorating a bit earlier this year. Lawn decorations (except lights) will still go up on Halloween day.

October 7

Started putting up some of my indoor decor. There's currently a mini-tree sitting on the TV, one of those mass-market 40" paper-and-fuzz bats hanging off my spider candelabra, and some candleholders and a rubber staff topper hanging on the wall. I've also put up the skeleton windchime (and wooo, it still has batteries...) I got a $5 coupon in the mail for one of the local party stores, so I may go check that out before the end of the week. I'm surrrre I can find SOMETHING... *grins*

Now if I can just figure out how to hang that tapestry....

October 9

Black plastic now covers most of the flowered wallpaper in the dining room. I've got a couple things up on the walls already, now I'm trying to decide what to put over the bureau - that wall is covered, which leaves a nice blank space to put....something. *chuckles * Lights are up in both picture windows, and all windows are now covered with black plastic to keep the wires from being too obvious. The light strings are set up with on/off switches for ease of use.

October 14

Flags are up on the 2nd floor windows. The flapping bat is in it's usual window as well. I did get to to the party store and replaced my screaming doormat last week, it's just not time to set it up yet.

October 27

Spent two days of "quality time" with a Rug Doctor and my carpet. Now if the carpet would just dry...

October 29

Starting putting black plastic up over the wallpaper in the dining room. This will give me a better visual surface to put the decorations against. I've decided my huge tapestry looks best hanging over the huge window, and got it hanging with a collection of nine safety pins, keyrings, and large paperclips. I think I'd better sew some rod loops on it for next year. I stuck to a theme there this year, skulls and flaming things. The tapestry is a large (very large) portion of that, thus anything else just didn't seem to fit. Found flicker bulb strings at Lowes, their Christmas decorations of all places! I got two of them and hung them over the windows.

October 31

Had to get extra candy so I wouldn't run out. I ran to the Halloween store looking for a particular air-blown decoration, only to find that they were completely out of them. Came home with a couple other things instead, such as a mini plasma-glass thing that became part of the dining room decorations.

Due to the amount of wind we were getting this year I set up the tombstones following the typical wind path so they wouldn't be blowing over in the middle of the night. The little lighted skull faces I usually set up in front of the tombstones on one side of the house were missing their stakes this year, so they didn't get set out. Added this year was a sign saying "Got Blood?" that I got last year, and a lighted arch. I have plans for that arch in future years, oh yes indeed I do... *evil cackle*

The skeleton was missing an arm, so this year, he was "The One-Armed Bandit" - if his arm is still missing next year, I'll have to remember to get a bandana for his face.

November 1, 2004

Here's the pictures. I was again successful in getting dusk shots (wohoo!) and I brightened some of them up a bit with a graphics program this year so that things are a little easier to read. The tombstones may be hard to make out, but there's no new ones this year, and there's readable pictures over on the Tombstones project page anyway.

Linked pictures (ones with border) may be larger than screen width if you're using small screen resolutions.


Whole House (shows where everything is in relation to each other)


The Day Shots

shows Doom Torch, skeleton,  Marcus the Carcus, assorted lights and one of the  tombstones.   Shows other three tombstones on that side of the house, plus the Got Blood sign.    Shows front door with arch and skull tower.   

Shows tombstones on right, with bones in front of them instead of the usual skull faces.


The Dusk Shots

Left side of house at dusk, so you can see the color effect of the lighting.   Front door window with flame skull and skull staff.   

Shows front steps with Got Blood sign and a red skull on either side of the steps. The skull tower and part of the arch is also in view.    Shows complete arch and skull tower. Red skulls on either side of front steps are also visible.    Shows right side of lawn with 5 tombstones and bone lights. Also showing are lights in the window.


The Night Shots

Shows left side of house with a plume of smoke from fog machine.    Shows left side of house - the two pinpoints of light inbetween two of the tombstones is where the fog machine is hiding.    Night shot of doom torch.

Right side of house.





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