No, this is not just "a phase" I'm going through...
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moon phases


I never kept a log like I normally would, so here's just the random collection of pictures instead. I've lightened up the pictures somewhat, because I think I never got out with the camera until after sunset, which resulted in very dim pictures.


My infamous "13 heads in a dufflebag". I really need to put a sign on them one of these years so people actually GET the joke...



My "Marcus the Carcas" light set, next to the skull-faced fog machine. I tried not to scare the little kids, but watching the older kid's faces when the fog went off was great!


I got lazy with the door this year, didn't feel like running light strings around the drainpipes, so I just hung (and cable-tied) a red light rope over the door instead. It was still visible, which was the intent, just a LOT easier to take down after Halloween.



The tombstones on the right hand side of the doorway - click image to see larger version.



And a couple of the ones on the left of the doorway.


My "doom torch" - which has looked lots better since they mass-marketed those fake flame torches. I really didn't want to have a real flame out there, and this gives a simaler effect for the kids.



That's all I can find right now for the 2005 pictures. If I find more, I'll upload them later.






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Since Nov 2, 2004 Halloween freaks have stopped by.
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