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moon phases

Showing off some of the cool dishes and things I've gotten over the years. Images with links go to a larger picture. Hover over each picture to see description and/or commentary.


Cups, Goblets & Related

Vino de Nosferatu decanter (red with silver metallic trim)   Vino de Nosferatu goblet (red with silver metallic trim)      Castle goblets (for lack of a better word).   Gothini martini glasses and drink shaker.   

Skull mugs.   Skull shotglass. This also came in beige-and-red, but I coudln't find it at the time I was taking pictures. Screw is there for size comparison.   

Small Dishes

Candy dish with skulls. Click for larger image.

Punch Bowls & Related

Grey skeletal hand ladle.   Both clear and grey punch cups. Yes, they are upside down - that's due to wind, I didn't want them blowing away before I could get the picture.

Clear skeletal ladle.    Grey skull punch bowl.   







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