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moon phases

These are some things with lights and things that hold candles that I've picked up over the years. Pictures with link borders go to larger version.


Candles / Candleholders


Gothic-ish column candle holder. This came from Design Toscano.   Bat candelabra. Click for larger image.   Spiderweb candelabra.   Black candle with cobweb pattern.    Table candleabra with skulls and snake.

Fancy table candelabra.    Cobweb box lantern.

Fake Flame stuff


   Hangning flaming cauldron.    Flaming torch.    Flaming cauldron.   

Other Lighted Things


Metal skull hanging light with 3 flicker-flame bulbs.   Orange light set with spiders and cobwebs. Has seven bulbs.   3-skull candle-light, uses 1 flicker-flame bulb.

Looks like cookpot hanging from a tripod over a campfire, but with skulls and bones as the main appearance rather than wood. Unfortunately the silk flame fan doesn't stand up to any kind of breeze.



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