No, this is not just "a phase" I'm going through...
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moon phases

These are things I've picked up (that aren't lighted) are either skulls, bones, or some combination thereof. Hover over each picture to see description and/or commentary.


One of my wall-skull things.    Fanged skull with scorpion on display pedestal.    Skull fountain (shown without fountain insert).    skull with two hands holding cancles.    Fanged skull with scorpion.

Black creepy head sceptre.   dark skull   flashy eyes skull - see my doom torch project   neon yellow (really, it's yellow!) squishy skull   purple squishy skull   neon green squishy skull

neon red squishy skull   Skeletal monster head with part of spine. Original was the top to a staff, but the staff turned up missing, so now it just hangs around...   My infamous play-on-words...there are 13 skulls in this thing, a play on the movie 13 Heads In A Duffelbag. Maybe you had to be there to appreciate the humor...   

bat-winged pseudo-demon skeleton. This is about 6 inches tall, so it's fairly small.   Squishy rubber-type skull and bones mace.   closeup shot of top of skull staff. This picture links to a shot of the whole staff, not just a larger closeup of the head.





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