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moon phases

It's been my long-time goal to have the centerpiece of my Halloween lawn decorations be something approximating the torches from the game DOOM - That is the original DOOM games, not the recent Doom 3 version. Yes, I'm that old and thought the game was that cool. :) Unfortunately, graphics resolution being what it was in.... late 80's early 90's... my imagination has had to work overtime, but the general idea has a roughly pyramidal pile of skulls, with a freaky looking tall torch in the center of the pile of skulls. I managed to scrounge up a couple screenshots of original DOOM-era graphics so I can show you what the original torches look like:

This one is a slice out of a screenshot. Lots and lots of lovely little torches. :) They were very common in the original games - I know because I went through all of DOOM, DOOM II, and ULTIMATE DOOM back when PC's were slower and I didn't have as much trouble with motion sickness.

This one is blown up to 150% of original size. The torches have blue flames here, but you can see the general effect I'm trying to go for:

My attempt, version 1 (used 1997 to 2001):

(Click for closeup of torch) This is the doom torch from my 2001 lawn decorations       doom torch from my lawn decorations in 2000.

My attempt, version 2 (used 2002 to present so far):

.       .

The skulls are tied together with string:
(The skulls are hollow, so I punched holes with a screwdriver, and dragged string through by means of a long bagtie.)


Some closeups of the skulls:
(You can put batteries in them and make little bulbs in the eyes flash, but the year I did that, nobody noticed.)

.   .


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